How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Trying to figure out how to suggest friends on Facebook but can’t find a clear guide? If you’re looking to recommend a friend to another but are encountering problems, our post is here to help.

Facebook is still a giant in the world of social media, even though the internet is always changing. One of the most important parts of this platform is being able to connect with both old and new friends. We cannot say enough about how important it is to make connections on Facebook. Not only does it keep us in touch with loved ones, but it also helps us network, share information, and find people with similar interests. You can grow your network by recommending your friends to other people, and vice versa.

We can not say enough about how important it is to stay in touch with friends, especially old ones. Facebook allows us to bridge geographical gaps, stay up to date on each other’s lives, and celebrate important moments. Whether we are celebrating life milestones, organising events, or keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances, Facebook is our social hub.

Additionally, Facebook is useful for professional networking and business growth. Users can grow their careers and take advantage of new opportunities by connecting with coworkers, people in the same field, and potential clients. Building a strong network on Facebook not only makes people’s personal lives better, but it can also help people advance in their careers and work together. 

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook
How to Suggest Friends on Facebook


In this article, we will talk about how important it is to connect friends on Facebook and how suggesting friends works, focusing on how it can improve the overall user experience.

Enhancing user experience through Friend Suggestions

It is natural to connect with people you already know, but Facebook’s “Friend Suggestions” feature takes networking to a whole new level by putting you in touch with potential friends who you already know or who have similar interests. Here’s how Facebook’s ability to suggest friends makes the user’s experience better;

Increased Reach: Suggesting friends expands your network by putting you in touch with people you might not have met otherwise. Most of the time, these suggestions are based on mutual friends, shared interests, or shared communities. This makes it easier to meet people who share your preferences.

Reconnecting with People You Have Lost Touch With: Friendship suggestions often include people you may have lost touch with over time. These chance meetings can rekindle old friendships and make your online social life more fun by putting you in touch with people from your past.

Mutual Benefits: Referring friends strengthens your own connections and helps others expand theirs. This reciprocity fosters positivity and collaboration in your Facebook circle.

History of the ‘Suggest Friends’ Feature

The history of the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature on Facebook is one that reveals the platform’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience and foster connections between people.

A brief overview of the feature’s history, its evolution, and changes.

 In the early days of Facebook, when it was primarily a college-based social networking site, there was no ‘Suggest Friends’ feature. Users had to manually search for and add their friends.

However, as Facebook expanded beyond college campuses and gained a massive user base, it became increasingly challenging for users to find and connect with their friends. 

It was during this time that the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature was born.

The Birth of the Suggest Friends Feature

The birth of the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature on Facebook marked a pivotal moment in the platform’s history. As Facebook expanded beyond its original college campus base, Facebook introduced the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature to simplify the process and enhance user experience.

The idea behind the feature was to leverage the power of algorithms to recommend potential friends based on various factors, such as mutual connections, shared interests, and even location. By analyzing user data, Facebook aimed to make friend suggestions that were relevant and accurate, helping users expand their social circles.

The introduction of the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature revolutionized the way people interacted on Facebook. It made connecting with friends and discovering new connections much easier and more efficient. Users no longer had to manually search for and add friends; instead, the platform did the work for them, suggesting potential connections that they may have never considered.

The ‘Suggest Friends’ feature quickly became an integral part of Facebook’s mission to connect people and build communities.

The algorithm behind the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature analyzes a variety of factors to generate accurate and relevant friend suggestions. It takes into account factors such as mutual friends, common interests, shared workplace or educational institution, and even location. By continuously refining and improving the algorithm, Facebook has been able to provide increasingly accurate friend suggestions over time.

Users can now discover people who they may have never crossed paths with otherwise, fostering a sense of community and connection.

Facebook Founders In a Picture
Facebook Founders In a Picture


Evolution of the Suggest Friends Feature

The evolution of the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature on Facebook has been a fascinating journey that reflects the platform’s commitment to enhancing user experience and fostering meaningful connections. Over the years, the feature has undergone significant changes and improvements to ensure that friend suggestions are as accurate and relevant as possible.

Initially, the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature used basic algorithms to recommend potential connections based on mutual friends and shared interests. However, as Facebook gained a larger user base and collected more data, the algorithm became more sophisticated. It started taking into account additional factors such as shared workplaces, educational institutions, and even location to generate more accurate friend suggestions.

With each update, Facebook has continued to refine the algorithm, incorporating user feedback and addressing privacy concerns. The company has been proactive in implementing privacy settings to ensure that users have control over their personal information and friend suggestions.

Future Directions for the Feature

As Facebook looks to the future, it is clear that the ‘Suggest Friends’ feature will continue to play a crucial role in connecting people and building communities. With advancements in technology and changes in social networking habits, there are several exciting possibilities for the future direction of this feature.

One potential future direction is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. By utilizing AI algorithms, Facebook could analyze user behavior and preferences to make even more accurate friend suggestions. This could include factors such as online interactions, content preferences, and even sentiment analysis to understand users’ social circles and interests on a deeper level.

Why Suggest Friends on Facebook

Facebook always wants to make sure that their users have topnotch user experience.

They will go to any length to introduce features that ensure users enjoy using this platform. One of the many cool features introduced by Facebook is the “Suggest friends feature”. 

You may be wondering why you see the Suggest friends or “people you may know” on your Facebook feed. 

Below are few reasons why you see suggest friends on Facebook;

Building your community 

Facebook suggests people based on your mutual friends, contact and other information you provided on your profile. 

It would be easy for you to build your Facebook community with people of similar interests. Facebook uses the suggestion feature to bring people of interest to your notice. If you create a community with a particular name, Facebook canl suggest people that have been searching for something similar to you, that way, it makes it easier for you to find people to join your community.

Introducing like-minded individuals

The Suggest friends feature can also introduce like minded people to you, since the result is based on your profile information, contact sync and your searches.

It is easy for Facebook to introduce people who share the same thoughts, values and interests with you. This makes the app more interesting because conversation is more engaging when you find someone that shares your interest. 

Reconnecting old friends or colleagues

Have you ever come across a name or someone you’ve lost contact with and have been looking for a way to reconnect with the person in “people you may know”, on Facebook?

That is what “Suggest friends” on Facebook does.

It helps you reconnect with old friends and colleagues with ease. E.g if your work details in your Bio says you worked in a particular company, Facebook will suggest people that also have that same company in their bio to you. That way, you can easily reconnect with your friends or colleagues that you’ve not heard from or seen in a long while.

How to Suggest Friends on Facebook

Facebook is not just a platform for staying connected with your existing friends; it’s also a fantastic way to introduce people who you believe might get along or share common interests. Suggesting friends on Facebook can help expand your social network and create new connections. Here’s how to Suggest Friends on Facebook;.

Accessing Your Friend’s Profile

The first step in suggesting friends on Facebook is to access your friend’s profile. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Log in to your Facebook account using your email address (or phone number) and password.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the Facebook page to look for the profile of the person you want to suggest friends for. Type their name and select their profile from the search results.


Finding the ‘Suggest Friends’ Option

Finding the 'Suggest Friends' Option
Finding the ‘Suggest Friends’ Option


Once you’ve accessed your friend’s profile, follow these steps to find the ‘Suggest Friends’ option:

  • On your friend’s profile page, below their cover photo and next to the “Message” button, you’ll see a button labeled “More”. Click on it.
  • From the drop-down menu that appears when you click “More,” choose the “Suggest Friends” option. This will open a new window for suggesting friends.

Selecting Friends to Suggest

It’s time to select the friends you want to suggest. Here’s how:

  • Use the search bar in the “Suggest Friends” window to find the friends you want to suggest. As you type their names, Facebook will provide suggestions based on your input.
  • Check the box next to the names of the friends you want to suggest to enable you to suggest multiple friends at once.

Sending the suggestion

Now that you’ve chosen the friends to suggest, follow these steps to send the suggestion:

  • After selecting the friends you want to suggest, click the “Send Recommendations” button.
  • Facebook will ask you to review your suggestions in order to confirm it. Take a moment to double-check your selections.
  • If you want to notify the friends you’ve suggested, click the “Notify Them” button. This will send them a notification about your suggestion.


What Happens After Suggesting a Friend? 

A lot of people wonder what happens after Facebook suggests a profile for them to add as a friend, and also whether their profile is always suggested to these users too.

The answer is no. When it comes to friend suggestions, Facebook usually suggests user accounts for us to add as friends based on location, mutual friends, and sometimes when these accounts have looked up our own profile.

However, this suggestion is most of the time a one-way thing and not mutual.

What Happens After Suggesting a Friend?
What Happens After Suggesting a Friend?


Mutual Notification 

When Facebook suggests people you may know, the notification is never mutual. What this means is that Facebook has likely not suggested your own account to the user whom they’ve suggested to you too. 

The only way the other user receives a notification is after you have chosen to add them as a friend. Adding them as friends means that you have sent a friend request, which Facebook sends them an instant notification of.

The choice to accept or decline the suggestion

Now, what happens after Facebook suggests ‘people you may know’ to you depends entirely on you. Do you want to go ahead and add them as friends? That is, send a friend request or simply remove them?

Note that removing some of these friend suggestions allows Facebook to replace them with other profiles based on your location, uploaded contacts, or mutual friends.

While Facebook would stop suggesting friends you have removed from “people you may know,” the feature cannot be entirely removed from your feed. It can, however, be hidden but not deactivated.

The ‘Suggest Friends’ Feature is Missing?

The “suggest friends” feature is a common functionality in social networking platforms, and its absence can be due to various reasons. Here are some possible reasons why the feature might be missing and potential workarounds:

The 'Suggest Friends' Feature is Missing?
The ‘Suggest Friends’ Feature is Missing?


Reasons for Missing ‘Suggest Friends’ Feature

Change of Platform: The platform might have undergone updates or redesigns that temporarily removed or relocated the feature. Check for any recent platform announcements or updates to see if this is the case.

Privacy Settings: The absence of the feature could be related to privacy settings. If your account’s privacy settings are set to limit friend suggestions, you may not see the option.

Account Restrictions: If your account has been flagged or restricted for any reason, you may lose access to certain features, including friend suggestions. Make sure your account is in good standing with the platform.

Geographical Restrictions: Some platforms may limit certain features, including friend suggestions, based on your geographical location. Check if the feature is available in your region.

Technical Issues: Technical glitches or server problems on the platform’s end can also lead to the feature being temporarily unavailable. Try logging out and back in or clearing your browser cache.


Check Privacy Settings: Review your account’s privacy settings and ensure they allow for friend suggestions. Adjust them if needed to enable this feature.

Contact Support: If you believe the absence of the feature is a mistake or due to account restrictions, reach out to the platform’s customer support for assistance. They can help resolve any issues with your account.

Use Third-Party Tools: In some cases, third-party tools and apps may offer friend suggestion features that can be used alongside your social media platform.

Ask Friends for Recommendations: If you’re looking to connect with specific people, consider asking your existing friends on the platform for recommendations or introductions to others.

Explore Alternative Platforms: If the friend suggestion feature is essential for your social networking needs and unavailable on your current platform, you might consider exploring alternative social media platforms that offer this functionality.

Friend Suggestions Aren’t Going Through: Facebook’s “Friend Suggestions” feature can be a convenient tool for expanding your social network and reconnecting with old acquaintances. However, there are times when this feature may not work as expected, leaving users frustrated. In this article, we will explore some potential problems behind Facebook friend suggestions not going through and provide practical solutions to address them.

Potential Problems and how to solve them


Privacy Settings

Issue: One common reason for friend suggestions not working is your privacy settings. If your profile is set to private or your friend list is hidden, Facebook may struggle to provide relevant suggestions.

Solution: Check your privacy settings and ensure that your profile and friend list are set to “Public” or “Friends of Friends” to enable friend suggestions. Navigate to “Settings & Privacy” > “Privacy Settings” > “Who can see your friends list?” and adjust as necessary.

Limitations of Algorithm:

Issue: Facebook’s friend suggestion algorithm relies on various factors like mutual friends, interests, and location. If you have a limited Facebook activity or don’t share much information, it may not have enough data to generate accurate suggestions.

Solution: Actively engage on Facebook by liking, sharing, and commenting on posts, and updating your profile with accurate information. This can help Facebook’s algorithm provide more relevant friend suggestions over time.

Geographical Restrictions:

Issue: Depending on your location, Facebook’s friend suggestion feature may be affected. It could be less effective in regions where Facebook has fewer users or where the platform’s functionalities are limited.

Solution: Unfortunately, if this is the case, there may be limited options for improvement. Consider connecting with people through other means or using alternative social platforms if available.

Technical Glitches:

Issue: Temporary technical issues or bugs can affect the friend suggestion feature. These glitches may prevent it from displaying any suggestions or lead to inaccurate ones.

Solution: Try the following steps: clear your browser cache, log out, and log back into your Facebook account, or use a different device. If the issue persists, report it to Facebook support for further assistance.

Tips and Best Practices:

  1.   Ensure both parties are comfortable with the suggestion. It is important to work hard towards making all parties see the suggestions as the best for them and they are happy with it.
  1.   Limit the number of suggestions to avoid overwhelming someone. In this instance, strive not to over-stress users with so many Facebook friends’ suggestions. Remember that too much is a problem on its own, but moderation is key. 
  1. Personalize your suggestion message for a warmer introduction. The more personal your suggestion is, the higher the chances of engagement. Users are more inclined to messages meant for them than those meant for a generality of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   Can I suggest friends to people not on my friend list?

No. You can suggest friends to those who already are your friends.

  1.   How many friends can I suggest at one time?

 You can suggest one friend at a time. But that does not mean that you cannot suggest as many friends as possible in one day.

  1.   Is there a way to know if my suggested friend was accepted or declined?

Yes, and it is easy. Once a friend’s request has been suggested, just type in the “search box” on your home page the name of the person to whom you sent a request and click on the particular name of interest. Check the Gray button standing next to the person’s name, Where the button says “request sent” it portrays that the person is yet to accept or reject the request, but where it shows “+1 Add Friend” it suggests that the person has rejected or denied your request.    

  1.   Can I retract a friend’s suggestion?

Yes, you can. Simply locate your sent friend’s request(s), and tap cancel next to the request, and will cancel it.


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Connecting with friends on Facebook is one of the most exciting, promising, and fulfilling experiences the Facebook application has given users. When you connect with friends, you learn new things, get new ideas, and expand your connections and reach. Some people get to set of knowledge, skills, opportunities, and other pleasant experiences.

In order to enjoy such pleasant experiences, it is important and necessary that users make suggestions that are considerably meaningful so as to sustain people’s interests.  

It is our belief that you have gathered in-depth information to boost your understanding of how the Facebook friend’s suggestion works and how you can also make use of it.

As much as you have learned and enjoyed, so do others have a need for the content of this article too. Please do well to share the article. You can also make comments on your experiences. Where necessary, it is encouraged that you add additional tips you may have read from other sources. 

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