Facebook Dating Can You Go Back

Facebook Dating Can You Go Back?

Online dating has evolved with the rise of various platforms, but Facebook’s entry into this domain brought about a unique blend of social networking and romantic pursuits. One question has been on the lips of many users: Can you go back on Facebook Dating after making a choice? Let’s get into it.

If you swipe left on a profile in Facebook Dating, it disappears from your view. However, if they see and ‘like’ your profile, they can reappear in your matches.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating, a separate feature within the main app, allows users to create a distinct profile and find potential matches based on their preferences and interests. Unlike its contemporaries, it aims to integrate the nuances of one’s social life into the dating world.

Facebook Dating Can You Go Back
Facebook Dating Can You Go Back


The Swipe and Choice Dilemma

When you come across profiles, you make choices – either expressing interest or skipping for the next profile. It’s easy, but what if you made a mistake? This brings us to our main topic of interest.

Can You Go Back?

The Simple Answer

As of the last time I checked, Facebook Dating does not allow users to go back after making a choice on a profile. Once you’ve decided, that’s it.

If you inadvertently swipe left on a profile in Facebook Dating, that profile will no longer be visible to you. Nonetheless, if your profile is presented to the individual you passed on, they still have the opportunity to ‘like’ you. If they do, they will reappear in your match suggestions.

Why Such Rigidity?

Dating apps, including Facebook’s version, prioritize user choices. The idea is to ensure users make thoughtful decisions, fostering genuine interactions. Moreover, it aligns with the platform’s emphasis on privacy and non-intrusiveness.

Is There a Way Around?

Unofficially, some users have tried different methods, like uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but there’s no concrete evidence of consistent success. It’s essential to approach such workarounds with caution.

Tips for Using Facebook Dating More Effectively

Pause Before You Choose
Mistakes happen when we rush. Before making a choice on a profile, take a moment to ensure it’s what you truly intend.

Tailoring Your Preferences
By setting and regularly updating your profile preferences, you can ensure that the profiles you see align more with your interests, reducing potential regrets.

Missed Connection? Don’t Panic!
If you’ve mistakenly skipped a profile, don’t despair. There’s always a chance they might come across your profile and express interest.


Other Common Facebook Dating Queries


Read Receipts

Curious if someone read your message? As of now, Facebook Dating doesn’t provide explicit read receipts, keeping interactions pressure-free.


Unlimited Likes, But…

There’s no cap on the number of profiles you can like in a day. However, remember that genuine, thoughtful interactions yield the best results.


Invisible Mode

Some users wonder if they can browse invisibly. Facebook Dating doesn’t offer this feature to ensure transparency and trustworthiness among users.



While the ability to reverse a decision on Facebook Dating remains a sought-after feature, it’s crucial to approach the platform with patience and mindfulness. Every choice is a potential story, so make yours count! Have experiences or tips to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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