The Future of Retail: Amazon Hub Counters

If you’re an avid user of Amazon, you may be familiar with the Amazon Hub Counter service already. If not, you will soon be, since the e-commerce giant recently announced that it’s expanding this service to over 1,000 new stores across the United States by 2020.

The goal? Well, According to them, it is to make it faster and easier to order items while they’re in stock at brick-and-mortar locations, allowing customers to place orders with store employees that are then delivered directly to their homes by Amazon Prime.


What Are Amazon Hub Counters?

Amazon Hub Counters are the new way forward for retail. Amazon Hub Counters will allow customers to buy items in-store and have them sent to their homes free of charge. This is a bold move that Amazon has taken and it could potentially be revolutionary. Amazon Hub Counters will not only change how we shop but also how we shop online! With Amazon Hub Counters, you can visit an outlet near you and pick up your package after purchase. Imagine being able to order anything from your favorite clothes retailer in the store and walk out with what you need right away.

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In this guide, we will continue our discussion on Amazon Hub Counters and state why this may be the future of retail.

How Do they Work?

Amazon Hub Counters offer a new way for retail customers to interact with the retail space, and in turn, have more control over their shopping experience. Rather than waiting in line to check out, customers can scan items with their phones or use the touch screen interface to pick up items and pay.

This has the potential to drastically reduce wait times while also cutting down on theft, which is a huge issue in many brick-and-mortar stores. Customers are able to create virtual shopping baskets that allow them to browse other stores before completing their purchase. The customer then has 30 minutes from when they began scanning items until they complete payment; this gives them time to find a specific item if they were unable to find it at the first store.

The Benefits of Amazon Hub Counters

If you were wondering what the benefits associated with Amazon Hub Counters are, Listed below are potential benefits you will derive from using amazon hub counters.

  • A main benefit to installing an Amazon Hub Counter is the peace of mind it provides retailers, knowing that they’re not losing valuable floor space.
  • The counters also offer a seamless customer experience with the convenience of home shopping, and the benefits are well-documented for both consumers and retailers. Both types of customers find them convenient because they don’t have to stand in line at the checkout counter when buying their items.
  • Also, some shoppers can now get same-day delivery on all purchases if ordered before noon or 2 p.m., while others can return items without waiting in line at the store. And for those who buy online but want to see what the item looks like, one can always visit one of these stores. One customer said she loves being able to browse products as she has time and then ordering online at her leisure from home. It’s just so much more convenient than going out into traffic.

Are there any Drawbacks?

There are some drawbacks, such as the cost which includes;

  • The counters themselves range from $5,000 to $8,000 a piece and that is not including installation and maintenance costs.
  • There are also concerns about privacy. With the new technology comes new concerns about how much information is being stored on these devices. Most people do not want their personal shopping habits tracked by stores.
  • Some people have expressed concern that they may be asked for identification when using the counters, which could deter customers from using them altogether.

These fears might be exaggerated because there has been no reported incident or misuse of this type yet in America or other countries where these counters have been implemented.

What Does the Future Hold?

Amazon Hub Counters is a new way forward in retail. The future of retail is a quick and easy experience that doesn’t require going out to the store. It’s an experience that will allow customers to pick up their products when they want them without waiting for shipping or dealing with parking lots and crowds. It also provides retailers with a better chance at competing against online retailers like Amazon. Walmart has already opened its own physical storefront, which includes a grocery department, as well as other necessities such as clothing and housewares.

Walmart has recently taken it one step further by opening its first two-story location called Walmart to Go which includes around 4500 square feet of retail space on the first floor, and then an additional 1500 square feet on the second level where shoppers can order from tablets on display racks.

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